Who played despereaux in psych?

Is Pierre Despereaux dead?

Over the course of the investigation, Despereaux is forced to fake his own death in order to avoid prison. … He is now believed by the SBPD to be deceased, though we know this is false, finally making Pierre Despereaux the world class thief that both he and Shawn have always envisioned.

Is Pierre Despereaux good or bad?

Shawn and Gus discovered in the episode that Despereaux secretly worked for Interpol, and was never really a bad guy in the first place. By the end of the episode, the two came to wonder if he had duped them again. The truth about his identity was never revealed since his role was cut from Psych: The Movie.

Which episodes of Psych is Cary Elwes in?


Gordon on SAW and Pierre Despereaux on Psych in “Extradition: British Columbia”, “Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part”, “Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger” and Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire.

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Who played Devereaux in psych?

Cary Elwes: Pierre Despereaux

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Will there be a psych Movie 3?

Shawn and Gus are back! Psych 3: This Is Gus, the latest movie installment in creator Steve Franks’ unofficial plans for a six-film franchise, will officially drop Thursday, Nov. 18 on Peacock, it was announced Saturday during a panel for New York Comic Con.

Does Pierre Despereaux know Shawn isn’t psychic?

Henry and Gus are the only ones who have always known that Shawn is not psychic. Later in the series, Declan Rand found out through his own means as well. It is implied that Lindsay Leikin, Father Peter Westley, and Pierre Despereaux also know his secret.

How many episodes was Yin in psych?

The “Yin/Yang” Trilogy (Season 3, Episode 16; Season 4, Episode 16; Season 5, Episode 16) Psych shied away from full-on drama throughout its eight seasons, with the “Yin/Yang” trilogy proving to be one of the few exceptions to this standard.

What is the first yin yang episode in psych?

Mr. Yin Presents…

“Mr. Yin Presents…”
Psych episode
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 16
Directed by James Roday
Written by Andy Berman and James Roday

Do they ever catch Yin in psych?

Gus sees Yin standing in the shadows, but Yin flees before the police can catch him. … Yin then drugs McNab and kidnaps Abigail, forcing Shawn to choose which one he wants to save. Yin ties Abigail to the bottom of the pier, and forces Shawn to make another decision – catch Yin or save Abigail.

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Will there be a Psych Season 9?

The show started back in 2006 and received a very good response from the viewers. It then continued for 8 seasons and finally ended in the year 2017. Since then the fans have been wondering whether the show will ever come back? Well, the answer is sadly no.

Who is Cary Elwes wife?

The panel started on a bittersweet note, though, when star James Roday revealed that the Psych movie is dedicated to Terry Goldman, the manager behind the show’s social media presence at USA network who sadly passed away in 2017. … Goldman handled all of Psych’s social media for most of the series run.

Was Curt Smith in Psych?

Curt Smith is a British singer known for his work in the band Tears for Fears, with Roland Orzabal. He also released a solo album in May 2008 called Halfway, Pleased. He portrayed a fictionalized version of himself in the Psych episodes Shawn 2.0, 100 Clues and A Nightmare on State Street.

Who plays Gus sister in Psych?

Faune Chambers Watkins: Joy Guster

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