What is overextension in psychology?

n. the tendency of very young children to extend the use of a word beyond the scope of its specific meaning, such as by referring to all animals as “doggie.” Compare underextension.

What is an example of overextension in psychology?

Overextension occurs when a categorical term (a word used to describe a group of things) is used in language to represent more categories than it actually does. This happens in particular with very young children. An example is when a child refers to all animals as ‘doggie’ or refers to a lion as a ‘kitty.

What is overextension child development?

Overextension. Overextension is an error in early word use in which a child uses a single word to label multiple different things in a manner that is inconsistent with adult usage. … Inferred similarities are most often perceptual, such as when a child uses ball to refer to all round objects (e.g. the moon).

What is overextension and Underextension?

The process of overextending a word’s meaning plugs a hole until the child can learn the proper word. … In underextension, a child doesn’t use a word for enough particular cases. It’s the opposite of overextension where a child uses a word for too many different cases.

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What does overextension mean quizlet?

Overextension, or overgeneralization, is the process by which children use words in an overly general manner.

What does mean length of utterance mean?

mean length of utterance (MLU)

a measure of language development in young children based on the average length of utterances in their spontaneous speech. It is usually calculated by counting morphemes rather than words and is based on at least 100 successive utterances. [

What does motherese mean?

/ (ˌmʌðəˈriːz) / noun. the simplified and repetitive type of speech, with exaggerated intonation and rhythm, often used by adults when speaking to babies.

What is overextension English?

overextension in British English

(ˌəʊvərɪkˈstɛnʃən) the act of extending something too far. Collins English Dictionary.

What’s the difference between overextension and overgeneralization?

Overregularization often also known as overgeneralization takes place on both lexical and morphological level. On a lexical level, it would be overregularization on word learning. Overextension would occur while they are learning the language.

What are the three types of errors in overextension?

Types of overextension Overextensions were classified into three different types: categorical over inclusions, analogical overextensions and predicate statements.

What is an example of Underextension?

n. the incorrect restriction of the use of a word, which is a mistake commonly made by young children acquiring language. For example, a child may believe that the label dog applies only to Fido, the family pet.

What is taxonomic assumption?

in language development, the tendency of children to suppose that a novel word that refers to one thing also refers to similar things (rather than thematically related things).

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What is fast mapping and how does overextension and Underextension affect it?

What is meant by naming explosion, fast-mapping, underextension, and overextension is that basically naming explosion – at about 18 months, children learn new words – particularly names of objects – much more rapidly than before, fast-mapping – children’s ability to connect new words to their meanings so rapidly that …

Which statement is the best definition of overextension in children?

Overextension occurs when infants begin speaking their first words, and underextension begins after children start using more than one-word sentences. Underextension refers to applying a word more narrowly than it is usually applied, and overextension refers to applying a word too broadly.

Which statement describes the concept of overextension in language acquisition?

which statement describes the concept of overextension in language acquisition? a child incorrectly applies one word to a larger category (for example, all men are called daddy). what is overregularization?

What is categorical overextension?

Categorical Overextension. the name for one member of a category is used for all members of the category (eg. apple used for all fruit) Analogical Overextension. a word for one object is extended to one in a different category (eg.