What is extinction resistance psychology?

the endurance or persistence of a conditioned response in the absence of reinforcement.

What is an example of resistance to extinction?

One good illustration of the resistance to extinction property is gambling. Gambling addiction, especially slot machine addiction, is notoriously hard to extinct. When gambling, a gambler wins some of the time, but not all of the time.

What is extinction effect in psychology?

In psychology, extinction refers to the gradual weakening of a conditioned response that results in the behavior decreasing or disappearing. In other words, the conditioned behavior eventually stops. … You stop rewarding the behavior and eventually stop asking your dog to shake.

What is most resistant to extinction psychology?

Out of the four types of partial reinforcement schedules, the variable-ratio is the schedule most resistant to extinction.

What is an example of extinction in behavior?

Extinction is said to be in effect when the target behavior that used to be reinforced is emitted, but is no longer reinforced. … An example of extinction could look like this: Adrianna will kick and hit her mom when it is time to eat dinner and she does not like what her mom has set out for her to eat.

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What causes resistance to extinction?

Resistance to Extinction: Refers to an individual continuing to respond even after reinforcement has been removed from the equation. Some things that can cause resistance to extinction include: thinner reinforcement schedules, intermittent schedules of reinforcement, and variable schedules of reinforcement.

What is extinction in psychology quizlet?

extinction. the diminishing of a conditioned response; occurs in classical conditioning when an unconditioned stimulus (US) does not follow a conditioned stimulus (CS); occurs in operant conditioning when a response is no longer reinforced. ( Myers Psychology 8e p. 319)

What causes extinction psychology quizlet?

what is extinction during operant conditioning? Caused when no reinforcement is given after operant response.

What is Sensitisation in psychology?

n. 1. a form of nonassociative learning in which an organism becomes more responsive to most stimuli after being exposed to unusually strong or painful stimulation.

What is extinction technique?

Extinction refers to a procedure used in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in which reinforcement that is provided for problem behavior (often unintentionally) is discontinued in order to decrease or eliminate occurrences of these types of negative (or problem) behaviors.

What types of behaviors are most resistant to extinction?

Among the reinforcement schedules, variable-ratio is the most resistant to extinction, while fixed-interval is the easiest to extinguish.

What is an example of extinction in ABA?

Examples of Extinction Procedures Used by ABA Therapists

An extinction procedure would mean giving no response at all to the screaming. A child begins throwing themselves on the floor and screaming when he or she is ready to leave. … A child obsessively scratches or picks at scabs or wounds, causing harm to their skin.

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Which is an example of extinction of a behavior maintained by negative reinforcement?

Extinction is defined as removing a preferred item contingent upon inappropriate behavior. In an extinction burst: … Which is an example of extinction of a behavior maintained by negative reinforcement? A problem behavior was maintained by terminating the toothbrushing task before it was completed.

Which of the following is an example of escape extinction?

Which of the following is an example of escape extinction? When Gray refuses to do a task, the task is kept near him until he attempts it. Adding a stimulus or condition that will serve to reduce the future occurrences of behavior.

What are extinct animals give examples?

Here are examples of extinct animals:

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How do you place a behavior in extinction?

Extinction is a behavioral technique where you withhold reinforcement when the behavior occurs, so by definition you must know what the reinforcement is. Planned ignoring would only extinguish a behavior if the reinforcement was attention.