What is an explanation of behavior?

In psychology, behavior consists of an organism’s external reactions to its environment. … Behavior may be modified according to positive or negative reinforcements from the organism’s environment or according to self-directed intentions.

What is an explanation psychology?

Frequently the expression psychological explanation is used as a catch-all term denoting any attempt to understand phenomena related to intelligent behavior. The philosophy of psychology would benefit from a more precise analytical conception of what constitutes explanation in psychology.

How do psychologists explain behavior?

Biological psychologists explain behaviors in neurological terms, i.e., the physiology and structure of the brain and how this influences behavior. Many biological psychologists have concentrated on abnormal behavior and have tried to explain it.

What is an example of behavior in psychology?

Behavior is an action that is observable and measurable. Behavior is observable. It is what we see or hear, such as a student sitting down, standing up, speaking, whispering, yelling, or writing. Behavior is not what a student is feeling, but rather how the student expresses the feeling.

What is kind of explanation?

Types of explanation involve appropriate types of reasoning, such as Deductive-nomological, Functional, Historical, Psychological, Reductive, Teleological, Methodological explanations.

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What is a functional explanation?

Functional explanations are a type of explanation offered in the natural and social sciences. In giving these explanations, researchers appeal to the functions that a structure or system has. … Throughout there is consideration of illustrative examples of functional explanations from different sciences.

What is the Behavioural theory?

Behavioral theory seeks to explain human behavior by analyzing the antecedents and consequences present in the individual’s environment and the learned associations he or she has acquired through previous experience.

What is behaviour and types of behaviour?

According to one definition; “behavior can be defined as the actions or reactions of a person in response to external or internal stimulus situation.” To understand the behavior of a person we have to understand what that person will do if something happens.

What is behaviour describe its main characteristics?

6 characteristics of behavior: 1) Behavior is what people do and say, 2) Behaviors have one or more dimensions, 3) Behaviors can be observed, described,and recorded, 4) Behaviors have an impact on the environment, 5) Behavior is lawful, and 6) Behaviors may be overt or covert.

What are the elements of behavior?

Those four components are: biology, environment, cognition, and emotion. Each contributes to the production of behavior in its own unique way and, each can interact with one or more of the others to produce motivated behavior.

Whats a good explanation?

A good explanation is a description and justification of a process used to solve a mathematical exercise or problem that includes… … An appeal to images that relate how the methods are actually modifying the quantities; • Goal statements that explain the purposes of the methods. • An unbroken chain of causal relations.

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What are the 3 types of explanation?

Following Faye (2007), I think it is useful to distinguish between three kinds of views of explanation, namely: Formal-logical, Ontological, and Pragmatic views of explanation.