What are the basic characteristics of educational psychology?

What are the basic concepts of educational psychology?

Educational psychology involves the study of how people learn, including teaching methods, instructional processes, and individual differences in learning. The goal is to understand how people learn and retain new information.

What are the characteristics of educational?


  • Pervasive accessibility. Learning will be always available to everyone at all times, at work, home and everywhere spend time.
  • Personalised journeys. Everyone learns differently. …
  • Real world relevance. …
  • Immersive experience. …
  • Augmented teachers. …
  • Peer learning.

What are the main functions of educational psychology?


to provide an understanding of the nature, aims and purposes of education. to provide a significant knowledge of developmental process with particular emphasis upon the promotion, guidance and control of mental and moral aspects.

What are the main characteristics of educational research?

Characteristics of Education Research

  • It sets out to solve a specific problem.
  • Educational research adopts primary and secondary research methods in its data collection process. …
  • Educational research relies on empirical evidence. …
  • Educational research is objective and accurate because it measures verifiable information.
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What are the four characteristics of educational research?

General characteristics

Educational research attempts to solve a problem. Research involves gathering new data from primary or first-hand sources or using existing data for a new purpose. Research is based upon observable experience or empirical evidence. Research demands accurate observation and description.

What are the five characteristics of learning?

Characteristics of Learning:

  • Learning is Growth.
  • Learning is Adjustment.
  • Learning is Intelligent.
  • Learning is Active.
  • Learning is the product of Environment.
  • Learning is both Individual and Social.
  • Learning is Purposeful.
  • Learning is organising Experience.

What is educational psychology and its scope?

It is the scientific study of human behaviour in educational setting. According to Charles. E. Skinner, “Educational psychology deals with the behaviour of human beings in educational situations”. Thus educational psychology is a behavioural science with two main references– human behaviour and education.

What are the characteristics and importance of research?

Important characteristics to consider when writing a research statement include geographic relevance, transportation mode or topic, funding required, urgency, type of research needed, and partnership and cost-sharing interests.

What are characteristics of research?

Characteristics of research

  • Empirical – based on observations and experimentation on theories.
  • Systematic – follows orderly and sequential procedure.
  • Controlled – all variables except those that are tested/experimented upon are kept constant.
  • Employs hypothesis – guides the investigation process.

What are the characteristics of good research?

Good research is replicable, reproducible, and transparent. Replicability, reproducibility, and transparency are some of the most important characteristics of research. The replicability of a research study is important because this allows other researchers to test the study’s findings.

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