Is there a psych 2 movie?

Will there be a psych 2 movie?

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is a 2020 American made-for-television comedy film based on the USA Network dramedy series, Psych. The film is a stand-alone sequel to the first film from 2017. The movie was released on July 15, 2020 on Peacock.

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home
Producer Chris Cheramie
Running time 88 minutes

How can I watch Psych 2 the movie?

Watch Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Streaming | Peacock.

Where can you watch Psych 2 Lassie Come Home?

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is available now on Peacock Premium. The new NBC streaming service costs from $5.99 a month in the US.

Is there going to be a Psych 3?

Shawn and Gus are back! Psych 3: This Is Gus, the latest movie installment in creator Steve Franks’ unofficial plans for a six-film franchise, will officially drop Thursday, Nov. 18 on Peacock, it was announced Saturday during a panel for New York Comic Con.

Is psych The Movie 2 on Amazon Prime?

It is available on Amazon Prime Video. For PsychOs (fanatical “Psych” fans) everywhere, the announcement of a new “Psych” movie was exciting. … This is what “Psych 2” does best.

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Is Psych leaving Peacock?

Psych Seasons 1 through 8 will not be leaving Peacock in 28 days.

Where can you see psych the movie?

Watch Psych: The Movie Streaming Online | Peacock.

Are they making a psych 4?

There is a plan for Psych 4. It is, however — as it has been the last two times — up to Peacock to officially greenlight another movie sequel. … “Well, we have a lot of ideas” for future movies, Psych creator Steve Franks told TVLine.

Will Psych have a Season 9?

The show started back in 2006 and received a very good response from the viewers. It then continued for 8 seasons and finally ended in the year 2017. Since then the fans have been wondering whether the show will ever come back? Well, the answer is sadly no.

Who is Alan Decker in Psych?

PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS found Selene’s (Jazmyn Simon) MIA husband, Alan Decker (Allen Maldonado)…but things weren’t exactly resolved by the time the movie came to a close.