How do I write a good Psychology Today profile?

How many words is a Psychology Today profile?

You have 200 words to prove your worth as a therapist. If you don’t do it right, your entire future as a clinician could be in jeopardy. Go! That’s quite an exaggeration, but I know plenty of people who feel this way about writing their online therapy profiles.

How do you write a good therapy profile?

Your profile should be a comprehensive reflection of your credentials, values, experience and overview of who you are as a therapist. Make sure to include a balanced set of information about your background, including your biography, educational background, and credentials.

Is a Psychology Today profile worth it?

Here are the results: 88% of therapists said that Psychology today is worth the investment. … 50% of respondents who chose to provide details shared that they get more than 50% of their referrals from Psychology Today. 15% of respondents who provided information said performance varies month to month.

How do you get professional connections on Psychology Today?

Step by step: how to add an endorsement to your Psychology Today profile. Go to the Network page and click + Add Connection. Search for your colleague and click the “Connect” button to the right of their card. This will send them an invitation to connect with you.

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How do I get more referrals from Psychology Today?

Test Your Profile & Monitor Traffic & Conversions

  1. Select your Website Property.
  2. In the Search box on the upper left of the page, type in “Referrals” and select “Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals”.
  3. Select the Date Range (Feb 1st to Feb 28th, for example).
  4. Select “PsychologyToday” from the Sources Table.

How do you introduce yourself to a therapist?

Practice what you are going to say beforehand.

  1. For instance, you might practice by introducing yourself and stating the reason you came. “Hi, I’m Matthew. …
  2. Therapy is a safe place in which you are able to speak about how you feel in an open and supportive environment.

How do I write a therapy blog?

How to Start a Blog for Counseling Private Practice

  1. Connect your blog to your therapy business page. …
  2. Write what you know. …
  3. Solve a problem. …
  4. Keyword research. …
  5. Keep it simple. …
  6. Use copyright-free photos. …
  7. Include keywords. …
  8. Consistency is key!

What should I write on my therapy website?

Describe what you’re like to work with and what sets you apart from other therapists. Emphasize what makes you different rather than what makes you better. You’ll say most of this on your about me page, and you may sprinkle it in other pages too.

What does Verified by Psychology Today mean?

According to Psychology Today, verification means that your license is independently confirmed. “By joining Psychology Today, you immediately become part of a brand that clients trust. We independently confirm your license in order to designate your profile as Verified.

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How do I advertise on BACP?

Advertise your vacancies to BACP members through our online job search and weekly subscribers’ email. Our jobs board is accessible to over 50,000 BACP members. The jobs search receives more than 13,000 views a month and our free jobs email alert is sent to over 10,000 subscribers every week (figures from May 2021).