What is the purpose of the myth Cupid and Psyche?

What is the theme of the short story Cupid and Psyche?

Summary: Cupid and Psyche is a tale of love, where one’s love is a craving worth wandering, venturing, and sacrificing for. Themes: 1. Love and Trust – “Love cannot exist where trust doesn’t.”

What is the moral of Psyche and Eros?

Cupid and Psyche Make Us Hopeful About Love

Another moral to this story is the idea that love will find you – -and true love will never really leave you behind. Adapted from my book, The Goddess Pages: A Divine Guide to Finding Love and Happiness.

How did Psyche prove her love for Cupid?

The goddess of love tells Psyche that she must prove herself worthy to be Cupid’s wife by completing a task. Psyche is taken to a storehouse full of wheat, millet, barley, and all kinds of stuff that Venus uses to feed her pigeons. … The next day the goddess of love gives her daughter-in-law another task.

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What did Psyche’s sisters convince her to do?

7. What do Psyche’s sisters convince her to do? a. They convince her to leave her fancy castle and her gorgeous husband and wander the world by herself.

How did Psyche betray the trust of eros?

But instead, Eros falls in love with Psyche himself and spirits her away to his home. Their fragile peace is ruined by a visit from Psyche’s jealous sisters, who cause Psyche to betray the trust of her husband. Wounded, Eros leaves his wife, and Psyche wanders the Earth, looking for her lost love.

What is the moral lesson of Orpheus and Eurydice?

The moral of Orpheus and Eurydice is to be patient and keep one’s faith.

What lessons did you learn from the myth Cupid and Psyche?

Cupid teaches Psyche the lesson that without trust there can be no love. Psyche accepts a prophecy that she will never marry a mortal, but a monster….

What is the main conflict in Cupid and Psyche?

Conflicts. One of the major conflicts in the story of Cupid and Psyche is jealousy. Jealousy is shown when Venus forces Psyche to complete lots of nearly impossible tasks. In the end, it takes the intervention of the king of the gods, Jupiter (a.k.a. Zeus), to calm this jealous lady down.

What does Cupid do after Psyche exposes his identity?

What happens when Cupid goes to punish Psyche? He puts the bitter then sweet water of Venus over he and then pokes her with his arrow. He then accidentally pokes himself with his own arrow when he looks at her blue eyes.

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How did Psyche sisters create doubts about her husband?

How do her sisters create doubts about Psyche’s future husband? Her sisters create doubts by telling her that her husband is actually one of Apollo’s serpents and that he will turn on her.

What is the falling action in Cupid and Psyche?

Falling Action

Venus made a plan with her son, Cupid, that they will make her repent her beauty. Apollo told Psyche’s parents that her she will find her love at the top of the mountain. So they took their daughter to the top of the mountain and left crying.