What is the opposite of somatic cells?

Noun. Opposite of non-reproductive cell. gamete. reproductive cell.

What are somatic and gametic cells?

Somatic cells and gametes are two types of cells which are involved in asexual and sexual reproduction of organisms, respectively. Somatic cells can be found everywhere in the body whereas gametes are restricted to reproductive organs.

What are the only cells that are not somatic?

A somatic cell is any cell of the body except sperm and egg cells.

What is another word for somatic cells?

labrocyte, phagocyte, nerve cell, bone cell, hybridoma, epithelial cell, corpuscle, muscle fiber, blood cell, neuron, fat cell, Neuroglial Cell, muscle cell, target cell, skin cell, scavenger cell, adipose cell, neurogliacyte, stem cell, neoplastic cell, blood corpuscle, mastocyte, mast cell, Muscle Fibre, visual cell, …

What is the difference between a somatic cell and a germ cell?

Germ cells only contain one set of chromosomes; a somatic cell has a diploid number of chromosomes. … The process of germ cells is produced through meiosis; somatic cells are produced through the process of mitosis and cytokinesis.

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What is Gametic cell?

A gamete (/ˈɡæmiːt/; from Ancient Greek γαμετή gamete from gamein “to marry”) is a haploid cell that fuses with another haploid cell during fertilization in organisms that reproduce sexually. Gametes are an organism’s reproductive cells, also referred to as sex cells.

What is the difference between gametic and somatic mutations?

Somatic mutations – occur in a single body cell and cannot be inherited (only tissues derived from mutated cell are affected) Germline mutations – occur in gametes and can be passed onto offspring (every cell in the entire organism will be affected)

Are autosomes and somatic cells the same?

Autosome is a non-gender chromosome. Somatic cell is any cell forming an organism.

Are RBC somatic cells?

“In humans, somatic cells contain 46 individual chromosomes, organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes.” If all (non-germ) cells of the body are somatic cells then red blood cell are somatic cells.

What is the difference between somatic cells and gametes quizlet?

Gametes differ from somatic cells because gametes are located in the reproductive organs and are haploid. Somatic cells, on the other hand, make up the tissues and organs of the body and are diploid.

What is the antonym of bodily?

What is the opposite of bodily?

mental nonmaterial
soulful immaterial
incorporeal ethereal
metaphysical formless
bodiless insubstantial

What is another word for somatic?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for somatic, like: corporeal, physical, body, bodily, corporal, fleshly, personal, immunologic, pathological, neurochemical and striatal.

What is another name for a body cell?

1 : somatic cell —opposed to germ cell.

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What is the male germ cell called?

With the commencement of meiosis, germ cells are called spermatocytes, and subsequent to meiosis, haploid cells are called spermatids. Finally, with the release of the morphologically mature product, the germ cells are called spermatozoa or, more simply, just sperm.

Are eukaryotic cells somatic cells?

Eukaryotic cells are able to carry out behaviors that prokaryotes can’t. … In most multicellular eukaryotes, cells come in two basic varieties: body cells (called somatic cells) and sex cells (or gametes). The two cell types have very different functions and are produced in very different ways.

What is the difference between somatic and genetic cells?

The main difference between somatic cells and germ cells is that somatic cells are involved in building the body of multicellular animals whereas germ cells are involved in producing haploid gametes, which participate in sexual reproduction.