What is concreteness in psychology?

Concreteness, (42) or specificity, involves the use of specific and concrete terminology, rather. than general or abstract terminology, in the discussion of feelings, experiences, and behavior. It. avoids vagueness and ambiguity. It leads to differentiation of feelings and experiences rather.

What does concreteness mean in counselling?

Concreteness is an aspect of communication that means being specific, definite, and vivid rather than vague and general. … Concreteness is often taught in college communication courses as one of the aspects of effective communication. Counselors, attorneys, job interviewers, etc.

What is specificity in counselling?

Specificity theory calls upon the psychoanalytic psychotherapist to hold in mind what follows from this reality: that each interaction between persons is unique, unpredictable, and specific to them and that moment.

How do you show realness to clients?

Qualities of genuineness include being honest, sincere, and open and an absence of phoniness and defensiveness. This allows the patient to be comfortable and increases the chance for valuable inquiry and self-awareness. Respect forms the safety that is vital in a counselling relationship.

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What is genuineness or congruence?

Congruence or genuineness is a relationship element with an extensive and important history within psychotherapy. … The capacity to respectfully and transparently give voice to ones’ experience to another person characterizes the interpersonal component.

What is concreteness in social work?

Seeking Concreteness. Helps the clients to discuss their experiences using explicit terms rather than abstract or general terms. Also helps clients identify their specific feelings, focusing on the here-and-now, and expressing the detail of their experience.

What is concreteness in 7cs of communication?

Concreteness – Concrete communication implies being particular and clear rather than fuzzy and general. Concreteness strengthens the confidence. Concrete message has following features: It is supported with specific facts and figures. It makes use of words that are clear and that build the reputation.

What is structuring in Counselling?

Structuring is the means by which the counselor and client together define the guidelines that govern the counseling process, possibly involving such activities as informing, proposing, suggesting, recommending, negotiating, stipulating, contracting, and compromis- ing.

How does a Counsellor show empathy?

Combined with Jayne & Ray’s (2015) findings, it is safe to say that therapists can show they are being empathetic to their client by matching the client’s body language and mirroring their verbal style, as well as allowing the client to speak in a way such that they feel they are really being listened to.

Who promoted therapy based on the interpersonal setting?

Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) was developed by Gerald Klerman and Myrna Weissman in the 1970s and based on the work of Harry Stack Sullivan, Adolf Meyer, and John Bowlby. IPT is a type of therapy that utilizes a uniquely structured model for the treatment of mental health issues.

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What is a genuine therapist?

The Nature of Genuineness

Therapists who are genuine are “for real,” open, honest, sincere. They are involved in. the relationship and not simply mirrors, sounding boards, or blank screens. They are real. people in real encounters.

Why is genuineness important in social work?

Genuineness and Acceptance: To be genuine and congruent, the worker relies on his moment to moment felt experiences in his relationship with the client. Genuineness should reflect from the worker’s behaviour and permeate his all interactions with the client.

How can a counselor maintain genuineness with clients they may disagree with?

Here’s advice from practitioners who have eased stressful encounters with their clients:

  • Calm yourself. …
  • Express empathy. …
  • Reframe resistance. …
  • Cultivate patience. …
  • Seek support from your peers. …
  • Consider terminating the relationship.

What genuineness means?

1 : actual, real, or true : not false or fake genuine gold. 2 : sincere and honest She showed genuine interest. Other Words from genuine. genuinely adverb. genuine.

What is an example of congruence in counselling?

For example, being congruent may involve the therapist saying what she is feeling in her body at the time. It may involve speaking of a feeling that has been persisting over time, and actually is not being felt at the moment, in any visceral way.

What is congruence in person Centred Counselling?

Congruence is a condition in therapeutic relationship that refers to accurate matching of a person’s experience with awareness. In person-centred counselling, counsellor’s congruence is believed as one of helpful and significant aspects that facilitates clients’ growth in counselling.

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