What does psyche say when her sisters first attempt to find out who her husband is?

What did Psyche’s sisters tell her to do to her husband?

The sisters lied to Psyche telling her that the country folk in the neighborhood had seen a huge serpent. They told her that the serpent was her husband transforming himself each night into a handsome youth.

How did Psyche’s sisters create doubts about her husband?

How do her sisters create doubts about Psyche’s future husband? Her sisters create doubts by telling her that her husband is actually one of Apollo’s serpents and that he will turn on her.

What did Psyche’s sisters tell her to do?

The jealous sisters remind Psyche of the prophecy that she would marry a monster, and they convince their sister that she has to see what her husband looks like. They advise her to wait until he’s asleep, then stand over him with a lamp and a knife (in case he’s a monster).

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What did Psyche do when she discovered that Cupid was her husband?

What did Psyche discover about her mysterious husband, and what happened when she discovered it? She discovered that Cupid was her husband. He fled from her when she saw him. She had betrayed his trust by looking at him after she had promised not to.

What is the message of Cupid and Psyche?

Cupid teaches Psyche the lesson that without trust there can be no love. Psyche accepts a prophecy that she will never marry a mortal, but a monster….

What were Psyche’s 4 tasks?

The four tasks were: Sort a huge mount of barley, millet, poppy seeds, lentils, and beans. Ants (pismires) help her sort the grains within the time allotted.

How does the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea illustrate the power of love?

How does the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea illustrate the power of love? He loved the statue so much that he prayed to Venus to find a woman like her. His love for the statue was so powerful that his prayers worked and she became a woman. He loved her so much that his dream became a reality.

How did Cupid appear to Psyche Why?

Cupid filled two amber vases, one from each fountain, and suspending them from the top of his quiver, hastened to the chamber of Psyche, whom he found asleep. … At the touch she awoke, and opened eyes upon Cupid (himself invisible), which so startled him that in his confusion he wounded himself with his own arrow.

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What is the name of Cupid and Psyche’s child?

In Roman mythology, Voluptas or Volupta, according to Apuleius, is the daughter born from the union of Cupid and Psyche. She is often found in the company of the Gratiae, or Three Graces, and she is known as the goddess of “sensual pleasures”, “voluptas” meaning “pleasure” or “delight”.

Who are Psyche’s sisters?

Aglaura (sister to Psyche). Cidippe (sister to Psyche). Cleomenes and Agenor, two princes, Psyche’s lovers. Lycas, captain of the guards.

What was Psyche’s mistake that nearly broke up her marriage?

Psyche’s undying love and devotion to her husband earned the respect of the Gods. What was Psyche’s mistake that nearly broke up her marriage? A. Psyche had an affair.

Who did Psyche fall in love with?

Cupid is sent to shoot Psyche with an arrow so that she may fall in love with something hideous. He instead scratches himself with his own dart, which makes any living thing fall in love with the first thing it sees. Consequently, he falls deeply in love with Psyche and disobeys his mother’s order.

What does the story of Cupid and Psyche reveal about the nature of love?

The ancient story of Cupid reveals a deep truth about our humanity. The story itself swirls around a jealous mother. The goddess Venus despises what the human woman Psyche has done to her divine reputation. … However, the god of love himself fell hopelessly in love with Psyche as soon as he saw her.

What was Psyche’s problem?

The first trouble that arises in Psyche’s life is totally out of her control: she can’t help how pretty she is, or that Venus is insecure and jealous. Psyche’s second problem, though, is within her control.

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How did Psyche betray the trust of eros?

But instead, Eros falls in love with Psyche himself and spirits her away to his home. Their fragile peace is ruined by a visit from Psyche’s jealous sisters, who cause Psyche to betray the trust of her husband. Wounded, Eros leaves his wife, and Psyche wanders the Earth, looking for her lost love.