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Reconnect to your feminine and your genius, find the wisdom in your wounds, dismantle beliefs that hold you back and claim what is yours to have – pleasure, sensuality, health and vitality.

The Pleasure Nutritionist – a Naturopath, specialising in women’s health, with specialised focus on awakening women to their full potential – health for the mind, body and soul – create lasting life change for you and your family by “coming home” to your magnificence…

A woman’s power lies in her feminine – her intuition, her sensuality and her desire are the cornerstones of getting back in love with her life, her parenting, her body and her journey.

Are you ready for change? Feeling stuck, frustrated and disconnected from the joy within your life?

The feeling of being trapped, stuck and desperate to change, or have change around you, is the clearest ‘flag’ we as women can receive from our intuition – it earmarks a turning point in your life and provides the energy to begin the shifts required.  It is absolutely possible to get your spark and passion back within yourself and your life!

Lost your spark, lost the woman you used to be, not sure who you are anymore or where you’re going?

There is another way!  You have within you a Goddess who wants to be released to shine her light on this world, a Seductress who longs to have her way with you and a soul waiting with love for your unfolding as woman, mother and soul on a journey.  You can ignite your spark, clear away the dust that’s covered it over the years and find your magnificence.  You can get back in love with who you are, with your story that has lead you here, with your mothering and awaken your connection to your sensual and seductive self.

Do you crave the sweet spot of balancing food and nutrition, with pleasure and nourishment?

Food is a sensual and seductive act, an honouring of your body and an expression of your soul. It can fill your world with joy, your tongue with desire, or it can be used to control and create disconnection.  Most likely you have already ‘done’ punishment, reward, strict control or let go completely, but still find yourself back at disharmony, dislike and at a crossroads of guilt and “have to”.

Is your current regimen of diet and exercise leading to a sense of deprivation and obligation,
rather than pleasure and contentment?

Are you ready to go beyond punishment and the nutrient impact of food, to uncover what it is that truly moves you as a woman – giving you the permission to receive, nourish and inspire, creating a ripple effect out into your family and community?

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The Pleasure Nutritionist Book
Birth 101 – What to do and How to do it, a guide for couples on creating your best birth
Birth 101.1 – Birth is more about “whats up here” than “whats down there” – a guide for couples on creating deeper connection and emotional support in creating your best birth
After Birth – What to do and how to do it – newborns and mother care – a guide to creating an emotionally connected and empowered mother and child journey

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Devilishly delicious Blog dedicated to opening up conversation on pleasure, sensuality, living life from seduction and delving into health beyond nutrition, mothering beyond shame and guilt.

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Women’s Retreat
A two-day immersive in Melbourne.  With an intimate group of women Bridget and I (from Nourishing the Mother) will guide you through awakening a life you are inspired by, delve into the mirror your children offer you  and unpacking whats holding you back.